Saturday, 30 January 2016

More Uses For The Christmas Layflat Timber

After building myself a fairly substantial bookcase (ok, not particularly deep but 30" wide and taller than me!) I still had a fair stash of decent plank left.

Hobbit is still hankering after a dog, and we recently had an 'inspection visit' from a dog rescue place. We got the seal of approval subject to possibly putting another layer on the side fence in the garden.

"That's great," she tells the inspector, "as His faRTiness has some wood sculling about..."

An hour of sawing, drilling and screwing and we now have an additional foot on the garden fence.

Enough long 6" stuff to make a new top rail, and a couple of the 3" pieces were pressed into service as verticals to extend the existing posts which were a little short.

I had a large bag of drywall screws salvaged from the floor of the firing range in Portishead, so the materials and construction just cost me an hour of my time. 

A shame that the cloud came over a bit dark, but you get the general idea. A quick run down to Lampeter in search of Cuprinol Shades 'Barleywood' proved unrewarding. I did pick up a tin of what I thought was the right colour (Forget-Me-Not) in B&Q a while ago but turns out I had the wrong one. DL Williams in Lampeter usually stock it in the 1 litre can, but they didn't have any. B&Q don't do that colour in store, but another chap in Lampeter managed to get me a tin on order and it should be in on Tuesday. More photos to follow once I've got it painted.

And....there is still wood left!

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