Wednesday, 25 December 2013

Merry Christmas

Saturday, 5 October 2013

Pig Palace Pick and Place

It's finished! The Pukka Porcine Pad of Palatial Proportions is completed, so all we needed to do was creosote the door frame (to remove the temptation for the girls to 'snack') and to crane it into place in it's new position.

Ratchet straps in place and taking the strain with the loader forks.

 Doorway made snack-resistant.

Moment of truth....will the straps hold?

We have liftoff! 
Eco delicately transports the pig ark up the track.

And over to the newly levelled patch behind the foundations of the shower block.


Well, the clamps popped off and the strap went, but a little seasonal adjustment and we were back in business.

And here it is, next to the bramble patch we want the girls to clear.

The Palatial Pig Pad, sited and almost ready for the occupants.

 A pig's eye view of the new des res....oh look, there's 'Two Legs'.
All done, and time to put the tools away and go in for coffee.

The Old Hoose

Wednesday, 25 September 2013

A Pukka Porcine Palace of Positively Palatial Proportions

We need to move the piggies. They have outgrown (and outdug) their existing pig-pen, and we need to put them to work clearing the next field, so Eco and I have been fettling a new pig-ark.

These piggies are monsters, so we have to use some fairly robust construction in the new house. Big timber, big screws and big bolts!

Ends on, and doorway finished with some serious architrave!

4x2 D rail timber used to form the door surround....these should be pig-proof, fingers crossed!

Purlins cut ready to fit. These will stop the galvanised steel roof flexing too much when the ark is assembled.

I hate to think how much this will weigh, but we won't be moving it into place by hand, that's for sure! Four slinging rings will be fitted to the base allowing us to move this beast using the forks on the tractor.

Ah yes indeed, a piggy palace to be sure. Hope the girls like their new home!