Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Back in Harness

Another few days of indentured labour back in Wales and although it's colder this trip, it's not as wet! As usual I need to post some piggy pictures from the ranch for my friend Pod, who's very partial to her piggie updates.

No longer piglings....these girls are now fully-fledged porkers of epic proportions

 These girls have shown me a whole new meaning to the term 'heavy troughing'

 Left to right: Pork, Ratty, HM and Pod

We needed to move the pig house to give them a little more shelter...this involved the first test drive of my new wellies and my first 'out of welly' experience! As Eco says, I'm not fully initiated until I need to stand one one leg and pull a stuck welly out of the mire.

The pig pen is now far bigger now they need more room to manouever.

Piggies....love 'em!