Thursday, 29 January 2015

Progress, of sorts

Progress has been a little slower than hoped with the new office, mostly because of work commitments and travelling away a lot, but I've managed to catch up a couple of days this week.

The electrics are still something of a work in progress, as much of the installation is 'temporary' pending other work. The bulkhead lights were hung at the top of the wall in their approximate positions just to give me some light to work by, but are now moving into their final positions as interior work progresses.

You can see the kWh meter to the right which allows me to monitor and track consumption...ultimately I intend to pay for my share of the 'leccy bill! To the left is the 4 way consumer unit. 2 ways are taken up with the RCD, and the remaining two ways are occupied by a pair of MCB's...6A for the lighting circuits and 16A for the power.

The tatty and partially rotten back board has finally been removed and the 'dot and dab' silicone rubber used to fix it to the back wall has been scraped off. You can see the difference in the state of the wall above the 'tide-mark'.

I've used 25mm Recticell board (the same insulation I used on the interior of the front wall) to form a reasonably level and hopefully warmer ceiling at the back of the body. The U section curved braces that support the fibreglass translucent roof panel are about 50mm, or 2", higher at the centre of the span than they are at the junction with the wall extrusions, so a piece of 2"x2" timber along the length of the centre of the roof not only strengthens the roof a little, but allows fitting of a pretty much horizontal inner ceiling.

The rear of the truck body, with two ceiling panels in place (2.4m, or roughly 8ft of cover) screwed along the centre 2"x2" 'beam' and glued with frame sealer around the perimeter. The rake on the left of the picture is being used to prop the panels while the sealer is setting. The bulkhead light fitting has been moved from the side wall and into the middle of the ceiling about 6' 6" from the back wall. Allowing for a four foot deep washroom and a five foot wide kitchen area, this brings the light to approximately the middle of what will become the kitchenette.

Friday, 9 January 2015

New Lodger

Came home from Portishead to find that Hobbit has taken in a lodger.

Friday, 2 January 2015

Happy New Year!

It's 2015 and the start of a New Year, What's happening on the office front?

I have the first ring mains installed and now have two double-sockets in the office area wired up and awaiting comissioning. There are still a few condensation issues to resolve but there isn't any real water ingress from rain and wind, so I'm happy enough with the integrity of the box itself. I needed to shave 3mm from the hinge edge of the door because it's swollen a little and needed some adjustment to get it to close properly.

Apart from that, not much to report. I'm currently designing the kitchenette, lavvy and some partitions.